Trump’s treatment of migrants is shameful – but so are Hitler comparisons

U.S. President Donald Trump looks on following a swearing-in ceremony for Defense Secretary James Mattis at the Pentagon in Washington, U.S., January 27, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria -TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

President Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy. From the minute he launched his presidential campaign with ‘we need to build a wall across the United States/Mexico border’, the news has been dominated by him. These days, you can hardly sneeze without reading a headline about what Trump has said or done.

The most recent Trump related fiasco to dominate the tabloids are the children that are being “separated from their parents at the border”. The story goes (so the journalists say) that the evil people of ICE are ripping these children away from their parents, and the nasty president doesn’t care.

Not for the first time, this narrative has caused many people to compare the current president to Germany’s last fuhrer, Adolph Hitler.

This comparison is nothing more than unhelpful scaremongering. Of course, Trump has made mistakes, and obviously, he needs to be called out for them. But comparing him to Hitler every time he does something that you disagree with both undermines the atrocities committed by the Nazis during ww2, and plays into the hands of genuine Nazis due to the extra media attention.

Not to mention, that Donald Trump has disavowed David Duke, the KKK, and Nazis.

In times like these, it’s very easy to allow your emotions to get the better of you, to allow them to cloud your reason. As Ben Shaprio famously says, facts don’t care about your feelings.

As human beings, feelings and emotions, will (and probably should) play a part in what we believe should happen. But it’s important to look at all the information you can before jumping to any conclusions just because a certain picture that pulls on your heartstrings has been dominating the front pages. Just remember that such pictures are fantastic at selling newspapers, which is the main reason they’re used.

One thing I’ve been hearing on Twitter from the right is the line of ‘Obama did it too’. This is irrelevant!

Yes, this law was created by Bill Clinton, and yes, George Bush and Barack Obama did nothing to repeal it. However, the politics of whataboutism does nothing whatsoever to actually solve the problem at hand. After all, if a policy is wrong, there’s no reason why it would matter who created it. The only thing that matters is how the law is going to change.

So whilst Trump did not create the law, changing it is (to a small extent at least) in his hands.

Illegal immigrants being detained in America

Within the Libertarian circle, there are some people who would argue against borders and immigration control altogether should be abolished.

However, open borders is unfortunately a pie in the sky fantasy that would have disastrous consequences.

If America let in everybody who wanted to come in, the most extreme problem would that terrorists would be able to enter. But even amongst non-terrorists, many cultures are opposed to democracy, women’s rights, and the freedoms written in the constitution. You don’t have to be a die hard nationalist to realise that letting these types of people into your country is a bad idea!

But on with the issue.

As you’ve probably read already, people crossing into the united states are being separated from their parents. This separation is temporary and is often done with the parent’s agreement.

Obviously nobody wants to see children become separated from their parents. But what are the alternatives?

The first one would be to let in everybody who wants to come in, so long as they come in with their children. I’ve already explained why this is wrong.

The second option would be to not let anybody in, and completely close the border.

The third option would be to keep the children in custody with their parents whilst they sort out their visas. This needs to be in the cards, but it’s important to have a discussion on whether keeping children in custody for their parent’s crime is a good idea from both an ethical and practical prospective.

On the 20th of June, president Trump signed an executive order which keeps children with their parents during custody unless separating the child from their parents is in the best interest of the child, or if keeping the family together is not possible under the current United States Law. Unfortunately, President Trump cannot change the law without approval from congress.

Although we ought to be careful of who we let in, and avoid complete open borders, it’s important to also talk about why immigration isn’t a bad thing.

The fact that so many people want to enter America just goes to show that they must be doing something right. People want to go to such a country because it will give them opportunities that they wouldn’t get in their home country. They can also benefit America by contributing to the economy and enriching the American culture.

The best way to reduce illegal immigration is to make legal immigration easier. Obviously, some checks and balances will be needed to keep out the people who are a threat to the American people, but with the current laws, becoming a legal immigrant in the United States is very difficult. You need to fill out all sorts of papers, wait for an awfully long time, have all kinds of weird checks. The difficultly of coming over legally causes many to do so illegally. This is why simplifying the immigration process could be an ideal way to stop children from being separated from their parents.

Next time the media decide to collective demonise Trump with their attention grabbing headlines, and heart wrenching pictures, it might be an idea to do as much research as you can, making sure that you understand as many facts as you possibly can.

Once you’ve done the research, you’ll be in a better position to be able to criticise Trump.



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