Daily Mail Editor’s Home Address spread on Twitter by angry Labour activists

Supporters of Ed Miliband were left fuming after the Daily Mail repeatedly published claims about his father, notable Marxist philosopher Ralph Miliband, and how he ‘hated Britain’.

While the Mail got a severe slapping down from the Left, a few senior Labour activists and members took their revenge one step further, nudging angry twitter users towards the address of Paul Dacre, the Editor of the Daily Mail. John Prescott tweeted a link to a website which asks: Where is Paul Dacre? This was soon followed by a fellow twitter user tweeting Dacre’s home address and tweets from other senior sources to ‘go to his house instead’.



Alistair Campbell then publicly replies to Prescott’s tweet, drawing attention towards it, as well as making geographical reference which matches Dacre’s home location. While Labourites have every reason to be angry about the Mail stories which aggressively attack Ralph Miliband, posting the Mail Editor’s address and encouraging a twitter mob to visit his house is certainly a morally questionable response.


  1. A quick internet search shows that the information on Dacre’s residence is freely available and has been since 2009. Shocking.

    • Yes, but specifically highlighting that address and implying people should visit them is not just making their address available, it is putting a target on them. There is a distinct difference.

      • I think Paul Dacre put the target on himself with his editorial direction. The hatred his publication spreads is intolerable and I think it’s inevitable that one day that will find its way back to him. I’m not going to incite or encourage such behaviour but I won’t be sorry to see it happen.

        • If this same thing was done to a woman, say particularly a feminist, it wouldn’t matter what hatred that feminist had spewed, it would be treated as a serious threat deserving the whole world fall onto their swords to rectify. But when it’s a leftist doing the very same action, it gets justified and blamed on the target What was done here was inexcusable… and the fact people are not just excusing it, but defending it, only shows the hypocrisy involved.

    • And precisely what opinion have they expressed, other than that people should go visit the guy they are angry with? Aren’t the left campaigning against twitter harassment precisely like this? or do they only object when it happens to women?


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