UKIP can change the face of British Politics

By John Tennant, UKIP North East

Far above Britain, political storm clouds are gathering.

For more than a century, two large political parties – the Conservatives and the Labour Party have dominated British politics, passing the reins of power back and forth between them safe in the knowledge that politics in the UK was a ‘closed shop’.  And traditionally, new parties have struggled to make any real impact.


As much as I disagree with their policies, I must concede that the Liberal Democrats have worked hard to get where they are. But political pundits are predicting that the Liberal Democrats will lose many MPs at the next General election, with supporters angry at their tuition fees U-turn and unimpressed with the Conservative/Lib Dem Coalition government.

Many people are now saying that the Lib Dem experiment is drawing to a close. The Conservative party is declining, with membership dropping from 2.9 million in 1951 to less than 100,000 in 2013 according to some recent reports. Against this backdrop, The Labour Party should be on the rise, but they seem to be lost, with no real policy ideas and stuck with an uncharismatic leader. Labour leader Mr Miliband, (who looks more like a new backbencher than a potential Prime Minister) seems increasingly out of his depth and unable to connect with working-class voters.

The public are still angry about the expenses scandal and fear that the established parties are out of touch with the common man on the street. With the old parties declining, Liberal Democrats on the wane and the Green Party fading into obscurity, an opportunity grows for a new party to move into the political vacuum.

In the political clouds above Britain a perfect storm is brewing. In the next two years, there will be European Elections, local elections and a General Election. UKIP will be standing candidates in all of these, and we will be fighting them on a scale that we have never been able to before.

Unlike many other parties, our membership is rising rapidly, recently exceeding 30,000. We are also attracting big donors, seasoned campaigners and political veterans to the party. Our views on the European Union, on Immigration and crime reduction are shared by the public – we are speaking their language and giving a voice to millions of ordinary British people.


Our leader Nigel Farage MEP is one of the most effective communicators in British politics, able to speak as easily with Ambassadors and Peers as with factory workers. We have the members, our policies are sound and we have momentum on our side.

The public are sick of the LibLabCon and are ready to give a new party a chance. That’s why I believe UKIP can and will change the face of British Politics – forever.


  1. Anyone using ‘LibLabCon’ should be barred from public office. It’s on the same list as Tony BLiar, ConDem Coalition and Liebour (amongst others). It’s lazy politics at best.


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