UKIP leader urged to resign over affair

UKIP’s new leader Henry Bolton is facing calls to resign following the revelation that he’s been having an affair with a 25 year old model.

The Party’s Equality Spokesperson Cllr Anderson has called on him to step down as she ‘cannot in all honesty support a man to lead the party I love knowing he lied to the membership and to the media about his marriage and his relationship with a woman whose views I personally find abhorrent’.

She added that she doesn’t feel able to ‘campaign for a man who walked out on his wife and young children on Christmas Eve and whose behaviour is like that of a love-sick teenager, not a married man with responsibilities’.

Her call has been backed by Michael McGough, a member of UKIP’s National Executive Committee, who posted on Facebook that Bolton should ‘resign as son many members wish and to save the party money’. This was in response to an interview Bolton gave to pro-UKIP website Westmonster ‘declaring his refusal to resign’ despite allegidly agreeing with UKIP’s NEC that they would give no more interviews until their next meeting.

Added to all this UKIP’s youth wing, Young Independence (YI), has declared a ‘crisis period’ after clashing with Bolton over membership fees. The decision was unanimously approved by the YI Executive Council after the UKIP leader blocked plans to introduce lower membership dues for members aged under 30.

Nathan Ryding, National Chairman of YI, wrote of the UKIP leader that ‘Henry arrived hours late at 3:45 PM, when he should have been there at 1:30 PM. He immediately vetoed any negotiation, and was totally unreasonable. Henry stated that he wanted to make a profit on the membership fees and that £20 was the cost of running the party. Henry refused to budge on this at all, even when it was repeatedly pointed out that it would result in a mass desertion of membership all over the country. Henry’s attitude towards Jake and I was very dismissive and uninterested. He dismissed the issues that Jake Painter and I brought up, interrupting us and talking over the top of us’.

Considering UKIP’s rapid turnover of leaders is it time for yet another leadership contest?


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