UKIP LGBT group slams UKIP Councillor

Cllr Sam Fletcher has featured in recent news for all the wrong reasons. The UKIP councillor for Bracken Bank and Ingrow Ward on Keighley Town Council, who was previously threatened by a UKIP official for criticising Godfrey Bloom, has been condemned for his recent remarks on Facebook: stating that he was “baffled” by homosexuality and found “female homosexuality” weirder still. Perhaps to ensure that he grabbed the headlines, he then went on to discuss in detail his experiences with contraception and a recent affair. Unsurprisingly, LGBTQ* in UKIP were less than impressed with Mr Fletcher, recommending that he pursue an alternative career:

LGTB Fletcher Comments

Milton is baffled by Cllr Fletcher’s rather frank discussion of his sex life on Facebook, not to mention his difficulty in coming to terms with homosexuality. Although it’s hardly surprising that he’s in UKIP; after all, they have quite the pedigree for attracting oddballs


  1. I think he was, to some extent, demonised over this. Reading his comments in full he does appear to have made some effort not to give offence, despite his remarks being quite controversial. Even his own party appear to have turned on him. But then he clearly is a pillock. But if UKIP are really going to start throwing out everybody who says something silly, they’ll not have many members left.

  2. Oh dear, is this now going to be called ‘intolerance’?
    I don’t care if he’s not gay. I’m more concerned with the LGBT (Q*??) ones acting like passive aggressive lefty prats.


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