Unions and Anti Capitalists Spout Racist Abuse at Tories and Attack Female Members

Tory party conference kicked off today with the standard protests that seem to accompany Conservative events, with anti capitalist protesters mixing with Pro NHS groups (who curiously chose to protest and the Conservative Conference who have increased NHS spending in real terms since 2010 as opposed to the Labour administration in Wales that has slashed NHS spending.)

Not content merely to attack the Tories politically, protesters turned to personal attacks, launching racist abuse at some non white Conservative members. Activist Mahyar Tousi was told “You can’t be a Tory boy – you’re brown! You’re an Uncle Tom

The spectator has reported further violent and aggressive acts from protesters. Are we seeing the true face of the left in Manchester today?


Update: Ex Tory Fatuma Ukwaju told the Backbencher that she had also received racially based attacks when she had been a member of the party. Fatuma was told that she was “betraying [her] race” and that “all Tory policies are racist policies” along with that joining showed that she “didn’t respect herself”

Update: Female Conservative activist has further claimed that she was pushed over in the street and insulted by a male protester.


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