University of York to host referendum on NUS

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The University of York is getting ready to host a referendum which asks students: Should YUSU (York University Student’s Union) affiliate with NUS?

We recently reported on a poll conducted by York Vision which concluded that nearly 50% of respondents believed that YUSU was better off out of NUS. Such findings are promising for NUSceptics, which is still a minority view on many campuses across the UK. A York vote to disaffiliate from NUS could be the catalyst to finally install some wide-spread change across British University campuses.

The referendum, scheduled in for next Wednesday, follows a convoluted and ultimately unsuccessful NUS exit for The University of Oxford, whose initial result showed that students wanted to leave NUS (1780-1652) only to be later told that the vote was the subject of foul play and manipulation from voters. Oxford’s NO vote has been cancelled and as a result it remains affiliated to NUS.

The University of York’s NO campaign continues to take the fight to “one of the most undemocratic Unions in existence”, which has been attacked for its notorious ‘missing minutes’ and its expensive £40,000 a year price tag for YUSU.

A vote to disaffiliate would see YUSU join a small amount of well-established (and well run) Student Unions, such as Dundee, Glasgow, and Durham.

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