Google Announces uProxy – Bypass Internet Censorship with Ease

Google has just revealed uProxy, a new service which aims to make the internet a safer place and change the way people use it around the globe. A simple browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, uProxy allows its users to bypass restrictive firewalls that attempt to censor information across the internet by creating peer-to-peer connections.

The way it works is if someone living in a country where Internet access is limited, or censored, if they install uProxy and have a friend in the US who authorises them, they can use that person’s connection in the US to surf the web. The end result is the ability to bypass any Internet censorship and evade any invasive government monitoring that may be in place.

“If you look at existing proxy tools today, as soon as they’re effective for dissidents, the government finds out about them and either blocks them or infiltrates them,” Jared Cohen, director of Google Ideas, told Time magazine.

“Every dissident we know in every repressive society has friends outside the country whom they know and trust. What if those trusted friends could unblock the access in those repressive societies by sharing their own access? That was the problem we tried to solve.”

Check out the video below for full details on how the service works:


“We believe in human rights, we believe in free expression,” Cohen said. “We believe in election monitoring, and we believe in independent media.”


  1. My company has FortiGuard blocker on but it only takes me 30 secs to get round it, but I have to use HMA as no downloads are allowed here; so hopefully Uproxy will work even better than HMAss and other online proxy providers.


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