Violence, lies and hypocrisy – the safe space crowd are making trouble for us all

This week it seems that the dishonesty and entitlement of the social justice left is spinning entirely out of control. Perhaps something is in the air after the Trump campaign being rocked by increasingly salacious revelations and serious accusations; everyone seems to be on tenterhooks.

This very real culture war that’s going on plumbed new depths in Canada this week when outspoken libertarian journalist Lauren Southern was violently attacked by an individual whose friend then openly lied to a police officer about the assault:

It is difficult to imagine any behaviour that could possibly be more hypocritical: these people were there to protest a Professor’s views on gender pronouns of all things and yet they were quite happy not only to assault a woman but to then lie about it to the police. What happened to #endviolenceagainstwomen and #Ibelieveher?

The protest at the University of Toronto was against Professor Jordan Peterson, who has recently begun speaking out on his YouTube channel about the dangers of political correctness. He speaks from a place of knowledge and study and his videos are nuanced and calm. It took activists a matter of days to organise a protest against him. He was treated appallingly when he tried to speak – they removed sound equipment so he was forced to shout to be heard:

Heed his warning at the end. He states that he has received terrible messages from the radical right. And he warns those screaming appalling words in his face that if the radical left continue to behave in this way there will be a reaction from the other extreme of the spectrum that nobody wants.

That’s a message that needs to make it into the mainstream. After years of making unopposed headway into what people are allowed to say, study and wear, the intersectional feminist safe space crowd are finally having to face the backlash from those who have been forced to stay silent for so long – particularly in the US. Much of this backlash will be reasonable and justified, but inevitably some of it will not.

Milo Yiannopoulos’ ‘Dangerous Faggot Tour’ – in which he puts on a show while delivering politically incorrect yet widely held opinions – is sending the safe spacers into a quite literal frenzy. Of course, while many of them do protest peacefully there is a section of these activists who regularly disrupt events, scream, swear, intimidate and threaten physical violence. But what they don’t realise is that the only reason Milo is there in the first place is because people are sick of their own authoritarian behaviour.

These people must wilfully misunderstand Yiannopoulos’ success if they are to hold on to their politics. They must tell themselves that Milo is popular because he has tapped the ubiquitous racist, misogynist, homophobic and nationalist tendencies of American society. In truth his success comes from his willingness to oppose an ideology that uses every trick in the radical book to silence any dissent. But Milo doesn’t care. He dares to be funny; he makes fun of himself as soon as he makes fun of others:

Of course this drives his opposition even wilder because it forces them to realise – on some level – that what Milo does is not really dangerous. And so their desperation to present him as a villain deepens. As I’ve written about before those who call he and his supporters ‘the worst men on the internet’ are wrong. A gay man ponsing around in a dress saying naughty things is not a threat. Those who actually listen to what Milo says know that he certainly supports gay rights and wants women to have every opportunity afforded to men. When his feminism is cancer mantra famously made it into one of Hilary Clinton’s speeches anyone sympathetic to Milo could see the intellectual dishonesty of the leftist establishment’s imperative mission to dupe the public into believing that opposition to feminist identity politics is opposition to women’s rights.

It is thanks to the left that it has now become refreshing for someone to have the courage to say things that are perfectly obvious to most ordinary people; humans are a sexually dimorphic species; being obese isn’t amazing; free speech is more important than people’s feelings. But of course the great irony of this is that if there are any racist, misogynist, homophobic and nationalist trouble makers out there this is only going to make them bolder – just as there are idiotic, irrational fanatics on the social justice side so there will be some on the other side. By trying to fix non-existent (or ridiculously exaggerated) problems the radical left have created very real new ones. By using dishonest tactics they may be turning benign individuals in to incensed angry ones.

Every time someone on the left uses dishonesty to score points against their opponents – as demonstrated in the cropping of the image below – those being silenced will become more angry.

BLM 2016-10-13 at 16.23.51

This faction of the left know that many of their positions are too radical to become fully mainstream – their only hope is to silence those who pick their arguments apart so that they can position any opposition as hate. But there will always be a backlash to zealotry and puritanism, and as with any backlash it has the potential to turn nasty. Hopefully the activists of today’s left will take an honest look at themselves soon enough to realise that they don’t want to be treated as they treat others.


  1. The students screaming “transphobe” at Professor Peterson are the ideologues trying to co-opt the trans community on behalf of the PC Authoritarians who are trying to impose mandatory use of their anti-science gender and non binary pronouns. In fact Professor Peterson has the support of many who are trans but don’t agree with C16 and it’s totalitarian agenda. So what we have here is a minority within a minority trying to co-opt and deliberately misrepresent the entire trans community for clearly ideological and political ends. This is no doubt stating the obvious for many but nevertheless when you have a “Tower Of Babel” mentality pervading and poisoning the campus sometimes it becomes important to state the obvious often lest the points get lost with the noisemaking machines of their moronic rhetoric.


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