Vote with your feet – Stay Away


A politician, once elected, can imprison you, steal all your property, raid your bank account, send you to war, read your emails, put you under house arrest, silence you and have you killed. Before the screeching begins, let’s just remind ourselves how often that has happened. Germany still shudders when you mention the results of the 1932 General Election and the 20th Century is littered with the dead victims of Politicians who once they acquired power, fought, quite literally, to the death to maintain it.

I’m not suggesting that your local independent Wavertree Councillor demands an end to free speech or the imprisonment of anyone who disagrees with him publicly but I want to you to understand the consequences of voting when you partake in the dangerous charade we will see on May 22nd.

Firstly, you will voting for a Party. Over 90% of us have absolutely no idea who our European Members of Parliament are, let alone what they do (other than claim massive salaries, expenses and pensions) but war has currently broken out amongst them all in the fight for the right to “represent” you in either Brussels or Strasbourg (depending on the day of the week) and the right to help themselves to large amounts of the money you earn via taxation. Which in turn, they will redistribute to whatever Party donor or Lobbyist most favours the Party. Independents are not welcome – hell, any form of actual representation is not welcome – it is simply a machine to bring together the Political Elite from various nations to act in their best interests and at your cost – a new political aristocratic House of Saxe Coburg if you like. Whilst you complain about Brussels making regulations, the EU has quietly built a real army with real guns and drones (currently fighting in Central Africa) that is under the control, quite literally, of no one other than the unelected and unaccountable EU Commission. Whilst we wonder whether Putin is up to his old tricks, the unelected EU have moved the borders of the Neues Reich 1500 miles nearer Moscow and none of us could stop it. Frankly speaking, we are lucky not to be at war. We can’t fire them, we can’t hold them to account, we can’t vote them out and we can’t stop them – we cannot even influence “policy”. 15 small nations will elect 168 MEPS whilst the UK, with a bigger population of all of them combined will elect just 73.  Something else that reminds me of 1932.

Nearer to home, the Political Parties here are tearing lumps out of each other in the futile pursuit of well, nothing. They want your vote and intend to do absolutely nothing with it. They have no power in the EU and they know it. Screaming “better off in” or “better off out” is irrelevant as no matter who wins tomorrow, absolutely nothing will change because absolutely nothing can change. Self-adjusting treaties were written to defeat any of this troublesome democracy malarkey long ago by the very same people who now sit at the top, the same people none of us can vote for or vote out.

My cards are very firmly on the table. Don’t vote. A politician requires just two things of you: to work, to pay the taxes to fund his existence and control over you and for you to vote him into power to do whatever he decides is best for him, the Party, the State, his sponsors, his backers, his friends and if you’re very, very lucky – you.

Simply pick up the ball, walk off the pitch and refuse to play this pointless game any more. The fastest way to topple any Government is to stop playing, either with a general strike (no State funds) or not voting (no legitimacy). Ask Honecker or Ceaucescu how it worked out for them once their populace decided that wearily turning up to vote for the One Party State or face arrest was no longer a credible threat. And make no mistake; a vote for ANY candidate in the EU elections is simply handing over authority to a One Party State. The United States of Europe

So I implore you – stay away from the polling booths tomorrow. Show your disgust by refusing to have any part of it. Spoiling your ballot (all individually marked and traceable back to you, by the way) is not enough, we have to show them that we won’t play – at all. Nothing terrifies a Politician more than voters who refuse to vote. Without votes, they lose their legitimacy to subject you to anything against your will and they cannot act on your, or anyone else’s behalf. They become powerless. Now you know why they are fighting amongst each other so violently to claim legitimacy from us.

Walk away, shrug and say “nah, you carry on, just don’t do it my name” and you will send a message all Politicians need to learn: “People should not be afraid of their Governments . Governments should be afraid of their people”. And for a very good reason. Ask the 20th Century what happens when they forget who put them there in the first place.


  1. They don’t want you to vote. It works better for the parties that way. If we don’t vote then just party members do and the party with the most members win. They still have all the legal controls over you

    • All states, democratic or otherwise, need the consent of the population, even North Korea.

      Democratic states have voting as a comfort blanket for the rulers; large voter turnout signals they can still behave as they are with the populations consent without risk of being strung up.

      • except it’s not true. The EU elections in the uk have never risen above 40%. At one point they were 24%. Nothing changed though did it? As long as the population are going to disengage with politics and just live their lives the parties can and will do what they want. It’s not a low turn out we want. It’s parties getting punished for bad decisions or at the least spoilt ballot papers.


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