WATCH: Blair on Iraq

Controversial ex-PM, Tony Blair, spoke earlier today on Dermot Murnaghan’s Sky News show about the “sorry state of Iraq”, the Arab Spring, and the decisions made during the former Labour leader’s administration.

We have three examples of Western policy in respect of calling for regime change. We have Iraq, where we called for regime change and we put in troops; that was very difficult as we know. We have Libya, where we called for regime change, we used air-power to get rid of Gaddafi, we didn’t put in ground troops. Libya is now exporting chaos and instability and terrorism across the region and down into Africa now – in sub-Saharan Africa. And thirdly we’ve got the example of Syria where two years ago we called for Assad to go, we haven’t taken action to make him go, and now we have the situation in Syria which is the worst state of all three countries.

A poll conducted by The Sun has found that despite Mr. Blair’s controversy, he would still be twice as popular as current Labour leader, Ed Miliband.


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