WATCH: Iain Dale scrap with an anti-nuke protestor

The owner of Biteback publishing, (the recent publisher of Damian Mcbride’s “Power Trip”) Iain Dale wrestled with an anti-nuclear protester after he tried to interrupt a live television interview with one of his authors.

Mr Dale grabbed the man on the seafront at Brighton as his author, Damian McBride spoke to ITV’s Daybreak programme about his memoir Power Trip, which details his dirty tricks and tactics which plagued the Labour party when he worked as the party’s spin doctor.

Posting on his blog after the incident. Mr Dale said:

“Damian McBride was doing a live interview on Daybreak on the Brighton seafront. I was waiting in my car to drive him to do his next interview with Nick Ferrari on LBC when I noticed that a protester was holding a placard behind Damian which was filling a lot of the screen and totally distracting from the interview. I assumed someone from Daybreak would intervene to stop him, but no one did. So I did what any self respecting publisher would do, got out of the car, ran across and pulled him out of the shot. He started resisting and we ended up in an unseemly tumble on the ground. I was conscious of the photographers and other cameramen who were present filming the whole thing, but I was determined this idiot shouldn’t disrupt what was an important interview for my author.

“I am someone who runs a mile from any form of physical confrontation normally, but I never understand why broadcasters seem to accept without question that someone with a placard or a loud voice should disrupt this sort of interview. Anyone who has seen the pictures and video can see that there was no real violence. I certainly didn’t hurt the guy. He threw a punch at me but missed, and the only injury was when the man’s dog bit him on the bum.”

It was good PR if nothing else…

“Anyway, now you can see why my publishing company is called Biteback.”


  1. What gives Iain Dale the right to “pull” this man out of a public area? It doesn’t matter if there’s a camera there – the area isn’t cordoned off and the demonstrator has a right to speak and assemble freely. Shame on Dale, as well, for profiteering from the foul Damian McBride. His language appalls me – typical police-style dehumanizing babble: “he started resisting” – no, he’s defending himself from an assailant!


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