WATCH: William Hague’s final speech in the Commons

William Hague, the big name Tory, will stand down at the next election. Hague took his final words to reflect on his career and pay tributes to his colleagues. His career will be reflected on by plenty of pundits, Tories, and his opponents too.

William Hague was first elected to the Commons in 1989, and during his career he held several positions including, Foreign Secretary, Minister of State for the Disabled, Leader of the Conservative Party, The First Secretary of State, as well as the Secretary of State for Wales.

Yet despite his unique golden locks falling out from his younger years, Hague was a noteworthy Tory nonetheless. He was considered to be a staunch Eurosceptic and Classical Liberal, and championed British interests by campaigning against Britain using the Euro, the currency which he labelled a “burning building”.

Take care William, you shall be missed.


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