We Are Not Amused…With the monarchy

Should we be moving towards a Republic of Britain?
Britain is unique in many ways, one of those ways is we are one of the few European nations to still have a monarch, somehow our line of royalty has managed to survive (well mostly, but lets not talk about Cromwell) the centuries of political uprisings and unrest, both from within and from other nations, the crown has endured. The crown has been used as a figure head for world changing scientific discoveries, daring adventures to unknown lands and there are very few places in the worlds where the cry of “For King and Country” hasn’t been yelled by young men.

Which is a shame because it’s an undemocratic relic of yesteryear. The royalty is a block on everything that makes a free & liberal democracy, from Prince Charles interference with the government or simply someone being considered better than you or I because they were born to the right mother.

Oliver_Cromwell_statue,_WestminsterThe very idea of a monarchy is undemocratic and elitist, we should all be striving for a society that is a meritocracy, where the very lowest can rise to the top if they work hard enough and show the right talent. But alas that is not the case in our precious isles! We inhabit a society where people can live in huge palaces, protected by the grandest military parades in the nation all while wearing priceless jewels which many have shed blood over just so the Queen could have a little shine during her public appearances, you can have all of this. But only if you were born to the right family, if you’re unlucky enough to be a born into a commoner family, then sucks to be you.

Which is why we should remove the Royal Family from their homes paid for by the taxpayer and become a republic. I’m not for a minute am I suggesting a Russia style coup where we depose of the Queen’s body in some ditch, they should be freed from their political restrains and be able to openly back parties and endorse events – much like many other European countries do.

Monarchists will be shifting uncomfortably in their seats muttering about the supposed benefits of the crown. The apparently last check on the government which can be used to stop horrible laws going through, used plentifully during Tony Blair’s attacks on civil liberties during the Labour government- Ah wait. No, no that’s wrong sorry, last used in 1708.

Tourism I hear you yell, yes tourism! The palaces attract many people from all around the world to London. You’d be right that the palaces do. The palaces, not the Crown does, in France do you know what one of the most visited public attraction is? The Presidential (formerly royal) palace. The grand palace is the attraction, not the people living in them.

Finally, the third most common argument is the patriotic one. “But the Crown gives something for us all to rally around, a figure head to unite our nation” Maybe I’m cynical but an upper class white elderly women doesn’t really connect to me. Furthermore, we should be doing less brainwashing patriotism into people’s head.

I’m not here to argue for a certain system of Republicanism either, there are a few different models the UK could use, but what is most important is offering a democratic, cost effective head of state for our nation.


  1. Agree with Bob…. perhaps the worst and most poorly written article I’ve read in a good long time… Totally brushes aside that the monarchy is a net contributor to the treasury and has been since George III surrendered the income of the Crown Estates in 1761. The author of the article also comes across as slightly jealous of not being of better class.

  2. Badly written, boring old tripe often dragged out by those who enjoy attacking an institution at the heart of our national constitution and indentity. Nothing orgional, no great insight nothing, just lazy talentless wannabe journalism.


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