We Must Vote Leave For Democracy

If it has become almost cliché to observe that we face a historic choice today, it is only because it is true. Whichever way we vote, this referendum will shape the future of Britain, the EU and the world. For a long time the ruling parties were so unanimously Europhile that the people even being given a choice seemed an impossibility: with that in mind it is worth remembering how we got here.

Sometime in the early ‘90s Euroscepticism was pushed from the mainstream just as the EU began an even more restrictive phase of the federalist project. The High Tories planted a knife in Thatcher’s back because she understood what the EU was becoming and she stood in its way – with her gone the Europhiles took over the Conservatives. Contemporaneously the upper echelons of the Labour party decided to abandon democracy in the belief their agenda would be pushed through by Brussels. Over the next two decades the EU marched inevitably towards statehood through the treaties of Maastricht, Amsterdam and Lisbon – with or without the consent of the member states.

Derided by their colleagues, demonized by the media, and chased to the fringes of popular discourse, a few lonely Eurosceptics continued their fight – building up the arguments against the EU, charting its missteps and holding it to account for its corruption when no one else would. Against the overwhelming consensus of economists, NGOs and politicians, they predicted that the ERM would be a disaster, that the euro would ruin economies, and that the EU would not compromise on their federalist dream under any circumstances. Reality has since proven them right on every point, bringing them triumphantly back into the mainstream and setting the stage for this referendum.

The Remain campaign, dominated by a coalition of elitists, careerists and special interests, has been notable for its desperation and its willingness to sink to any depth to maintain a status quo that benefits the apparatus and its rent seekers. They have called on the discredited predictions of inexplicably respected organizations whose greatest achievement is being so wrong about so much, such as the CBI, the IMF and the Osborne Treasury.

They have pretended the rights of minorities are at stake when the EU does nothing to protect the LGBT community from discrimination in adoption, marriage, and IVF, when most British women’s rights were not only instituted before Brussels directives but are stronger, when ethnic minorities suffer most from EU immigration rules and CAP protectionism that overwhelmingly privileges white Europeans.

They have lied about the nature of EU science funding, as expertly countered by Howard Morris PhD and others. They have deluded themselves against all evidence that the EU can be meaningfully reformed in our interests. They have threatened World War 3, the end of western civilization and more expensive air travel. They have come up with buffoonish punishment budgets. Worst of all, they have shamelessly exploited the murder of Jo Cox for political gain.

They do all this to distract from the EU itself. Despite endless exposés it remains shockingly corrupt. It shows a casual disregard for the Rule of Law. Its executive and its legislature are appointed, not elected, and its joke parliament is a mere checking chamber. It has forced through treaties explicitly rejected in referenda. It has deliberately created a depression in South Europe to sustain the Euro, a depression spreading to France. It has destroyed British fishing communities across the country. It has savaged many other industries, and is set to add E-cigarettes, our ports and our finance sector to its collection of scalps – consigning thousands more to cancer, destroying communities and crushing our economy, respectively.

It is retarding the most vital advance in agriculture of our times with its uninformed opposition to GM. It is starving millions across the third world and using our tax money to do it. It is already moving to seize more of the powers left to us – side-lining elected governments further. That is to say, the EU is a corrupt, corporatist, unaccountable, self-serving and anti-democratic dictatorship fundamentally opposed to liberty, democracy and the rule of law!

Today we face a choice – perhaps the last real choice the voting public will make – and the choice is clear. Remain asks that we surrender the democracy it took a thousand years to build and millions of lives to defend in return for trinkets. If we vote Remain, we remain on the road to ruin. We can do so much better. For our country, for our continent, for ourselves, for our families, for our friends, for the infinite unborn yearning to breathe free, we must take this last chance to vote Leave and strike a blow for democracy that will echo through eternity.



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