“We need to be clear” that Ed still doesn’t look like a PM

It was Miliband’s chance to shine, and he blew it. The Syria debate needed a strong leader to put forward the case that knee-jerk reactions are illogical, and that actually, this conflict is a bit more complex than sending over a few missiles and heading home for dinner.

What did Ed do? Well, he needs to be clear about that…

If he wasn’t written off before as a terrible leader, he surely has been now. Regardless of your position on Syria, if Miliband were in charge, Assad would be licking his lips right now.


Cameron and Miliband speeches – Miliband (43 mins)


  1. Just looked to me like he was repeating himself because they weren’t listening at that moment, you can see him looking around and you can hear them talking.. the first clip has been taken out of context.

  2. A schoolboy from a debating society.
    He is being credited with far more influence on Cameron’s humiliation
    than he deserves! We need to be clear-eyed about that!

  3. Who gives a shit if he’s not the slick and media savvy Blair-style orator we’ve come to expect? I’d rather base my opinions on content than snide denigration of his delivery style or appearance.

    • Well said Tom I agree with you…….I knew someone was gonna come out and slate him they just couldn’t resist it…….

      • I give a shit, because if you want to get your point across and have people to listen to you, you need to talk in a way that encourages that. I am Labour through and through but I have zero confidence in this man. Perhaps it shouldn’t matter but in the real world, it does!

  4. One step forward, four steps back! If Miliband is to ever make his mark, he needs to learn to use rhetoric (no bad thing) and three-point simple statements. Sounding like a university lecturer or the infamous Geography teacher doesn’t cut it!


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