‘Weasel Words’ Cameron, the EU, and the Uncertainty of Central Bankers.

David Cameron gave his clearest signal so far on the possibility of an EU referendum, IF the Blues win the next General election…

Although many pundits would rightly argue that politics is a marathon race and not a sprint, the current results from UK Polling Report see the Labour Party ahead by 10 points and with a majority of 112 seats – which is quite a lot.

Nigel Farage was – as expected – rather negative about the referendum proposition, and described Cameron’s comments as ‘weasel words’ on Twitter.

‘These are weasel words from Cameron: we are being offered nothing and it’s designed to keep the UK exactly where we are’

We think Farage might be right here, especially as the Conservatives have a mountain to climb before they can describe themselves as anything but unpopular on famous American chat shows.

If the Tories are to have shot at the next election then good economic news could not come any sooner. However, the split in the division of opinions from Central Bankers is only making matters worse, as Bank of England (B.O.E) Deputy Governor, Paul Tucker stated yesterday that ‘QE (Quantitative Easing) has lost some of it’s bite’, whilst some B.O.E seniors are still believed to be flirting with the idea of more stimulus measures. This split in opinions may cause investors to be apprehensive about future purchases, and it is possible that the market may suffer because of it.


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