Who would Backbencher readers vote for?

The Backbencher recently launched an online poll, in which 250 of our readers told us which UK political party they would for if a General Election were to be called tomorrow.

The results are as follows:

vote breakdown


votes counted




The poll was set so that participants could only vote once, for one party. The poll was openly available for Backbencher readers on the homepage, and reasonable efforts were made to ensure that participants in the poll only voted once. However, it is possible that there is a small inaccuracy in this poll due to some individuals voting more than once.

Personal information of participants, such as gender and age, was not asked in order to vote in this poll.

It is perceived that due to the editorial stance of this website, Libertarians were more likely to vote than other political groups. As such, the higher amount of votes cast for right-wing leaning political parties comes as little surprise. However based on this assumption, what was unpredicted was a higher voter turnout for the Green Party than the Liberal Democrats.

This website will launch further polls in order to better understand its readers and voting intentions.


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