Why can’t liberals tolerate Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Catholicism?

We discovered this week that lots of people don’t like Jacob-Rees Mogg.

It seems to boil down to the fact that Mogg, a fervent Roman Catholic, believes in the teachings of Catholicism.

During an engagement with an agitator at the party conference, Mogg was told his party are responsible for killing the poor, and his religion has quashed any humanity the posh boy might have had.


As most of us who went to school remember, every religion has a few sticky bits, which can be hard to maintain in today’s liberal world.

That is of course unless you happen to read the Guardian.

Mogg is a bigot.  Mogg is out of touch.  Mogg hates women.  Mogg should be aborted.  Mogg should have been aborted.

Curiously a survey in the same paper, dating from April 2016, showed that half of the Muslim population in Britain believed homosexuality should be illegal.

Desperately searching for similar outrage from the columnists, I came unstuck.

Mogg is a Conservative, and a conservative.

Conservatives, as most of know, eagerly anticipate the next image of a dead child washed ashore, just so they can pop open another bottle of Bollinger; they’re objectively evil, they hate the poor, they hate foreigners, and they hate you. And me, and everyone.

We decent liberals can excuse 50% of a group wanting to ban homosexuality, there not conservatives – well, there not members of the party. And anyway it’s just a different culture, which excuses everything.

What the outrage illustrates is how foreign it is to express once widely held, socially conservative views, in a tolerant, understanding, liberal nation.

Mogg states that life begins at conception and that abortion should be illegal, 50% of Muslims believe homosexuality is a sin and therefore should be illegal.

One view was denounced, the other was excused.

Personally, I find it hard to understand how someone can have firm views on these matters.  This is excused by the fact I’m not religious, nevertheless I would like to think I’d be troubled too much by the complex nuisances to come down on either side.

So to help me I’ve studied long and hard the pages of the Guardian in an attempt to teach me how to be a better member of society.

Abortion is fine.

Hating gays is fine, as long as you’re a Muslim.  I’ve checked whether this holds for Evangelicals, and it doesn’t – they’re just bigots.

There are around 60 genders.  I’m stumped after two, but I’ve admitted my ignorance and willingness to change, just give me time.

Marriage is an archaic throwback which only befits men.  Unless you’re gay, in which case it’s liberating and definitely a good thing.

Any evidence that suggests a child should be brought up by a man and woman (just two of the genders, remember?), was funded by Nazis.

Lastly, being tolerant is what separates us from the Nazis who disagree with us.

Got it?

To conserve, politically and culturally speaking, you’ll hold views that someone like Mogg will espouse.  What this week has shown us, is that these views have no place in our loving, open, tolerant and understanding society.


  1. If Matt Jackson is a journalist, then he is a terrible one. One who does not know the difference between ‘there’ and ‘they’re’. Does the Backbencher not edit their content? Also, ask a foetus if abortion is nuanced. 100% of abortions end with a death, a preventable death. In the future, abortion will be seen as the one of the greatest horrors ever perpetrated.


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