Why Nadine Dorries is Britain’s Best MP

Nadine Dorries has taken a lot of stick over her decision to appear on I’m A Celebrity. I expect that sort of nonsense from the tribal left, who revel in using any excuse to attack Tory politicians. I expect it too from Tories themselves as she opens them up to such attacks. However, I didn’t expect it from sensible libertarians.


It’s nice that Nadine is donating her salary for the time she’s on the show to charity, but I’m not basing my view on that. Nor do I consider her claims that she’s engaging with real people by going on the show. Whether she is or isn’t is heavily debatable and frankly in my view irrelevant.


Nadine is doing what every politician should be doing – not legislating. Dorries is setting an example to other MPs by doing something (anything) other than passing damaging laws and regulations. We should be celebrating every time an MP decides not to enter Parliament. How glad are you that Gordon Brown has barely turned up these last 2 years and so has done less damage to our economy with his pseudo-intellectual nonsense and economically destructive advice?


There is one thing standing between prosperity in our country: Parliament. The job-destroying regulations they pass, the freedom-crushing laws that get approved, the legalised theft they use to fund themselves. Without our 650 ‘representatives’ sitting and passing laws on our behalf we could live in a much freer, much more prosperous and dare I say it a much better society, country and indeed world.


Dorries may not have this in mind when she went on I’m A Celebrity (indeed many of her policies are very anti-freedom), but we should certainly celebrate any initiative by any MP that means that they will not passing laws. If she can show how idiotic the people we elect to rule us truly are then that is just a bonus.


  1. I think it was Reagan who said that what the country needs is an hours less government every day.

    I agree with you Olly; the more time MP’s spend together, the less money and less freedom I end up with.

  2. However idiotic they may be, the people we vote for to represent us should do exactly that, represent us.
    Not turning up to Parliament is a far less productive method of opposing legislation than voting to do so.
    By going on this programme, Dorries has disregarded the interests of her voters in Mid-Bedfordshire. Who will represent their concerns now? They voted for her to give them a voice in Parliament, not a voice on reality TV.


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