X Factor: The musical…Oh dear!

Taylor McGraa,

The last series of the X Factor proved to be not so much of a success as it has been in the past. The audience numbers plummeted and left us with the question, ‘James who?’

With the up-rise in singing competitions that actually take their contestants seriously, (and yes, I am talking about The Voice) people are beginning to shun the X Factor. This has especially increased since Barlow’s surprising criticism of the show when he judged last series.

But, could a Harry Hill written musical change all that? A musical entitled, ‘X Factor: Time To Face The Musical!’? Oh.

When reading that highly regarded West End songwriter, Philip Bateman had actually composed 19 of the renditions in the show, my initial expectations became rather high. I mean this guy has worked with Billy Elliot.

However, I then read the plot line and it all came crashing down. Although being dubbed a ‘musical comedy’, the plot of the show is hilarious, in the worst possible way. This includes a young girl who’s caravan TV signal is interfered with by with her grandfather’s iron lung, but when meeting a talking dog in an audition queue, she gains a canine BFF, embarking together on a journey of friendship and fame. As you do.

Sounds pretty diabolical. But on the other hand, this could go in the completely opposite direction, and reap success as they did in the film ‘The Producers’; a performance that is so bad, that it’s good. People want to come and see it, to find what all the hype, or rather tripe, is about. Teletubbies

The show seems to appeal more to the younger years who are familiar with programmes such as The Teletubbies. So, as a family friendly show, the performance and The X Factor itself could gain a larger audience this way.

However, one concern I do have it the fact that the image we do receive from the plot line is bitterly sugar coated. If somebody viewed the musical, then tuned into The X Factor this Winter expecting the same thing, they have another thing coming. Remember baby faced Frankie Cocozza who was kicked off the show after his drug use and inappropriate behaviour during the show? Far from iron lungs and talking animals.

Despite all this, one thing is clear. Love or loathe the idea, everybody is interested and everybody is talking about it. So, X Factor the musical, let’s see what you’ve got.


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