Xbox One Breaks Sales Record

The Xbox One has seen its global release and now much like the PS4, can now claim the bragging rights of over 1m unit sales in 24 hours.


Boasting about sales figures is all standard fare for the release of new hardware. So once Sony had announced the record breaking sales of 1m units in 24 hours it was inevitable Microsoft would to have to make a similar claim.

There are however some significant differences in the figures. For starters Microsoft is keen to point out that these sales ‘sold through’, i.e. not just sales to department store stocks but actual sales into the hands of consumers. It is an important distinction, not that stores will struggle to shift their stocks of the PS4 over the next months, but ultimately, these consoles need to get to the homes of consumers, and the sooner the stores have sold off their stock, the sooner they order more.

This does not mean Microsoft have simply done better with their launch though. Sony’s launch was based solely in North America, while Microsoft’s covered 13 major territories including the US, Canada and Europe among others. So while the two company’s current standing is roughly level on 1m units, Sony still has yet to open in numerous key markets around the world. This includes 29th November for Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil, with another major release next February 22nd in Japan.

That however is not to detract from Microsoft’s success. In the UK they have sold Xbox One units at a rate of 2:1 over last generation’s 360, moving 150,000 in 48 hours. To put this in further perspective, this is already close to the Wii U’s lifetime sales in the UK, which the Xbox One is scheduled to overtake by next week.

Overall it has been a great start for Microsoft, but the real test for will come Friday 29th November, when the PS4 opens to another host of major markets for more direct competition. It should then become a little clearer how aspects of Xbox’s features such as the included Kinnect, the higher price point or the bundled copies of Fifa 14, have all affected the future of the console.


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