Yes activists terrorise and intimidate NO Supporters at Jim Murphy Speeches

yes campaigner - i will fucking knock you out

Labour MP Jim Murphy has decided to suspend his 100 Streets tour to get police advice after a co-ordinated attempt by nationalists to bully and intimidate Scots. 

I blogged on the disgraceful techniques used by some activists in the Yes campaign during Jim Murphy’s speech in Shawlands on why the UK is better together – but I had no idea that the protests from Yes activists would become even more aggressive. When I initially caught on to the news – when Mr Murphy spoke in Shawlands – Yes supporters were seen branding the Labour politician a “supporter of apartheid” and also shouted over him as well as those who were seen to be asking questions about the referendum. It was disgraceful behaviour in a democratic process: we maintain the right to peaceful protest, but not the right to intimidate, threaten, and promote violence against those who disagree.

Unfortunately however, these ugly themes appear to have been a regular occurrence during Mr Murphy’s 100 Streets tour around Scotland. There were persistent attempts to stop Murphy from speaking at all: some protesters labelled the politician a “traitor”, “quisling”, “terrorist” and more. Yes supporters were filmed promoting anti-English racism and threating to “knock out” an English man living in Scotland for having an opinion on the referendum. When Jim Murphy later confronts the crowd on this blatant racism, he was met with a loud backlash of boos. In other clips, a Yes supporter was seen shouting and using threatening body language to an elderly lady who was listening to one of Mr Murphy’s speeches.

The clips from the above videos depict scenes of political bullying from some Yes supporters – fascistic in their opposition to freedom of speech and mob-like in their omission of the political process. These Yes supporters are an utter disgrace to this country and this referendum. But will a senior figure within the Yes Campaign criticise their actions?


  1. Alex McDonald. The videos show a man standing on a soap box shouting at the crowd and the crowd shouting back. What is the problem? If Jim thinks its ok to shout over a tannoy then those in opposition are more than entitled to shout back. Jim Murphy clearly revels in antagonising crowds and goads and probes away for reactions….then cries about it. He’s pathetic, the author is simply idiotic.

  2. In the image of the bully that leads the independence campaign.
    Go Scotland if that’s what you want, do it but don’t come back when Mr Salmonds figures don’t work out.

    • I really don’t want to see the union split but frankly I think it’s getting to the point where Scotland have no choice but to go. Be it them voting out or the rest of us kicking them out because it seems it’s the only way they will ever realize how much better Scotland is inside the uk

    • A man sporting the name of a 13th century English war criminal and who supports a campaign based almost exclusively on intimidation and threats complains about bullying.

      “No” supporters display almost comical levels of Männerphantasien.



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