Former UKIP Youth Leader Resigns From Party

Rob Comley, the former Chairman of Young Independence, the youth wing of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has left the party citing personal reasons behind his decision.

Comley led Young Independence from 2013 to 2014 and is held in high regard from other members after he rebuilt Young Independence following the mass resignations in response to the party firing the previous Chairman for supporting same sex marriage.

Comley released a statement on the matter telling party members:

After two years dedicating most of my life to UKIP, for reasons I won’t be publicly discussing I have taken the well thought out decision take a step back from the party and to resign my membership. I wouldn’t change the past couple of years for anything and have met some good people on the way, some which have become very good friends of mine who I bid good luck on their political journeys! This is where I get off.

UKIP’s momentum in the polls is at an all time high after their crushing victory during the recent European elections; making Mr Comley’s resignation come, perhaps, at an unorthodox time. Milton awaits more information regarding the former UKIP Youth Chairman’s decision with baited breath.


Indecisive Comley back with UKIP

After talking to some senior officials and friends about my personal issues with the party, I have decided not to resign my membership of UKIP. They have reassured me that I am still in the right party. Need to learn to not get on social media whilst in a rage!


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