UKIP YI Chairman Backs Gay Marriage

Rob Comley, the Chair of Young Independence (the youth wing of UKIP) has declared his support for Gay Marriage in an interview with Planet Ivy.

‘ When researching this piece I was surprised to notice that Ukip have a small but growing LGBT wing. Well, I say surprised, I mean absolutely fucking flabbergasted; this is the party that systematically sack members who express support for gay rights. Is this a real thing? Or is it just a collection of like-minded folk who get a tickle in their sack for Nigel Farage’s boyish charm?

‘“Yes, they’re real,” Rob confirms. “They get different people from all over the place involved. I arranged a night out with them; it shows that we’re not a homophobic party. We’re not anti-gay, were not anti-anything.” I remark that I thought they were anti-EU, to which he twitches his upper lip and laughs, “People should have the choice to get married if they want.”’

This is a bold – or perhaps careless – move from Comley, as the last YI Chair who confessed support for Gay Marriage was unceremoniously removed from the position.

I wonder whether Rob Comley will suffer the same fate for supporting the same cause. It’s true that elements of UKIP have ‘come out‘ and expressed their opinion of how Gay Marriage within the party’s ranks is changing, but it might be deemed inconsistent by some pundits if senior party members let this one slide nonetheless.

We’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. Bold and wrong.he must be uninformed about the biblical death sentence on these Gay types,without that he is ignorant.

    • And who’s going to carry the sentence out? You? Oh, pious one?

      If you want ignorance, don’t look at the YI Chairman, don’t look at gays, look in the mirror, pal.

  2. As far as I am concerned gays can call their union “marriage” if they wish. However it can only ever be a travesty in the eyes of many, including myself. So if a gay couple are happy with the fact that I do not, and never will, regard them as married then that’s fine.

    • They don’t need your approval or your recognition. They have the law’s, and an increasingly bigger part of society’s.

      Your view on their relationship is utterly irrelevant.

      • Not just mine, but if gays are happy with that then as I said that’s fine!

        The problem is that gays won’t regard it as irrelevant will they? They will keep pushing until they force me to recognise their union, under threat of imprisonment by the compliant State.

      • Talking of the law, this legislation makes a complete mockery of hundreds of years of legal evolution and create endless amounts of legal wrangling benefiting only the lawyers.

        The legislation in Canada has cost Millions of dollars in divorce (average gay marriage in CA is 1.5 years) and discrimination claims that benefit a few dozen people.

        Gayness isn’t the issue.

        • So you’re saying gays shouldn’t have equal rights or aspire to have equal rights, because of a few legal inconveniences that lawyers can salivate over?

          Nah, sorry. Not good enough. If the legislation is badly drafted, amend the legislation, but gays deserve equal rights, regardless of whether that makes a mockery of centuries of law or not.

          Just because something is as it is, does not mean that it should so remain.


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