‘Zionists’ blamed for Grenfell Tower tragedy at London hate march

A speaker at yesterday’s Al-Quds day rally in London, an annual event attended by those who regard the Israeli state as illegitimate, claimed that ‘Zionists’ were responsible for the disastrous Grenfell Tower fire which is presumed to have killed at least 79 people.

The speaker claimed that ‘some of the biggest corporations who are supporting the Conservative Party are Zionists. They are responsible for the murder of the people in Grenfell’ before leading the crowd in a chant of ‘Free, Free Palestine’. Earlier the same speaker asserted that ‘in Grenfell many innocent people were murdered by Theresa May’s cronies, many of which are supporters of Zionist ideology’.

The term ‘Zionist’ was invented to describe those who supported the creation of a Jewish state in the Middle East, and consequently now refers to those people who support Israel’s right to exist (i.e. most decent people). However it is also frequently used by those who subscribe to far-right, far-left and Islamic fundamentalist ideologies to refer to Jews in general. It’s not totally clear which definition the speaker was using in this case, but given the reference to ‘biggest corporations’ as well as ‘Zionists’ I certainly have my suspicions.

A number of the attendees also carried flags of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, whose recent crimes include murdering six civilians in a 2012 bus bombing in Bulgaria. Hezbollah is listed as a terrorist organisation by the British Government, meaning this behaviour likely contravenes the 2006 Terrorism Act, though The Backbencher is not aware of any action being taken by the police.

Al-Quds Day (literally ‘Jerusalem Day’) was introduced in Iran by Ayatollah Khomeini’s theocratic Government, following the revolution of 1979, to call for the ‘liberation of Jerusalem’ and deny the legitimacy of the Israeli state. Rallies take place annually across the world, including the UK. In 2012 the London rally was addressed by an obscure Labour MP called Jeremy Corbyn. I wonder what happened to him?

Jeremy Corbyn photographed in front of the flag of terror group Hezbollah at the 2012 Al-Quds day march, London. 


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